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Sheila McMahon is a BACP Registered Qualified Counsellor, Family Systemic Practitioner, Author, Singer, Songwriter and Comedienne.

A personal survivor of mental ill health, Sheila mixes counselling with comedy to help reduce the social stigma that surrounds mental health issues.

As well as her professional private counselling practice, she uses her sell-out ‘Sheila’s MHS’ mental health theatre shows to discuss mental health issues in a light-hearted way. Offering help, advice and understanding, Sheila helps the audience learn whilst laughing, living up to her catchphrase that ‘life is too serious to be taken seriously…..besides no one gets out alive anyway!’  

On a personal crusade to help people find better mental well-being, Sheila has appeared on various TV and radio shows, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and around parts of Europe, giving people the tools they need to become more resilient, especially in these troubled timesShe believes that, no matter who you are or what age you are, you have the potential to feel fantastic about yourself and live an amazing life.

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