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How the Online Mental Health Shows began…


Thank you for visiting my mental health page. Statistics suggest that one in four people in the UK suffer from depression or a similar mental health issue.

Some people suffer in silence for fear they will be judged, misunderstood and criticised for not being able to ‘pull themselves together’. This highlights the need to educate people about mental health, its causes, symptoms and how people can best manage themselves and others.

When we brush mental health issues under the carpet it does not make them go away. It makes the fear of it worse than what the ‘it’ actually is. When we talk about issues and share stories of how people have helped themselves and others, it puts us in a position of understanding, personal power and choice.

This is why I want to produce some on-line Mental Health shows, to discuss all types of topics like depression, suicide, and O.C.D. The issues that people want or need to talk about, but aren’t normally able to discuss in general conversation.

I want to help get these issues out in the open, then explore the symptoms and discuss the causes and different ways to cope so that people don’t have to feel alone and feel like victims.

I believe everybody, given the right knowledge, support and environment can become victorious in their own life. Have a look at my video to see what Sister Mary and I are willing to do to make it happen! But we can’t do it on our own – we need your help.  Whatever size donation you can make, we’d be very grateful for your contribution.

We all deserve to live a fulfilling and happy life where we can feel empowered and free.

Please help us to make a difference!

Thank you for your time and support.


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Sheila’s Online Mental Health Show about Suicide.

Thank you so much for the donations to help me make this online show happen.

The show explores the stigma of suicide, suicidal thoughts and intent and what you can do if you find yourself in any of these situations. It also includes an interview with Sean who is a survivor of Suicide and Adrianne who works for the Samaritans. I hope you find it educational and helpful.

You can watch the full episode below:

You can skip through to each chapter by clicking here or  visiting – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdKV42LreGriv51lYhc37Xw

Can you please pass on the details of this show to as many people as you can. As we know most suicide cases are unexpected so hopefully by this show being available online it might reach out to people who are suffering behind closed doors as a first step.

Thank you as always for your support.

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