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During this Pandemic, it is important more than ever to look after the mental wellbeing of employees and management in business. Mind Management For You provide individual and group support managing issues from Anxiety, communication, Depression, isolation and loss. The sessions are tailored to suit your needs. Call today to find out how we can learn to keep calm and carry on!

Workshop Testimonial

“Keep Calm and Don’t Panic” Feedback

“I found the workshop to be really inspiring. The format was quite innovative to me and Sheila’s lighthearted take on the trials of life and the conditioning that can hold us back was pure genius in my view. I think the work you are doing is fantastic. We need people like you to wake us up from our automatic defensive responses. Living mindfully takes practice when most of us have spent so long ‘asleep’. Your story was heart rending but inspiring too in that you’ve created a great outcome from your past. Don’t stop what you’re doing, you’re having a very profound effect. Thanks a million.”

Peter Bartlam – Bartlam Design Consultancy

“Excellent workshop. Made me look at myself objectively. Really enjoyed it”

“Sheila has a very approachable style. This along with comedy seems to demystify the process and we accept it more in the room – making it all fun”

“Keep Calm and Carry On” Feedback

Dear Sheila, I attended the “Keep calm and carry on workshop” you hosted at Tamworth College on Thursday 12th December. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the course was delivered, it was thought provoking, fun and very useful. I picked up very useful tips, and am putting them into practice each day, both professionally and personally! I personally gained a huge confidence boost from attending the workshop, both in my ability to handle stressful situations, but also in participating in a “team” environment with previously unknown people, and discussing situations publicly. I have to say a huge thank you Sheila, as it was your excellent delivery of the subject matter, and ability to put people at ease that resulted in both my enjoyment of the course , and resulting confidence boost. I will be highly recommending the course, and will be looking to attend future workshops.

Tracy Elson, General Manager, Nova Ground Maintenance

Company Well Being Workshops

Company Well Being Workshops are day or part day workshops which ensure the Well Being of the staff.

For the Company to function at its best it is very important that it’s staff are looking after themselves individually to be in the best frame of Mind to look after its customers.

The Well Being Workshop includes:

  • Work Life Balance Monitoring Sheets – This monitors the well being of the individual and raises awareness around their work Life Balance;
  • Business Stress Test – The stress test will build awareness of the stress levels of the individual employees and staff. We then explore healthy ways of reducing stress levels and dealing with stress;
  • Dealing With Difficult People – This section looks at human behaviour and understanding why we do the things we do. It explores different approaches to resolve difficult situations;
  • Coping Mechanisms – This section explores the many ways we can protect ourselves from and prevent negatives influences;
  • Support – This explores outside support available and if extra support is needed to maintain well balanced Staff;
  • Fun – My favourite bit! This explores ways to inject more fun and still get a fantastic job done!

The Company Well Being Workshops can be tailored to suit your company and its needs.

If you feel this would be of Benefit to your company then feel free to email or call the number below:

Sheila Mc Mahon
Counsellor MBACP
Tel: 07799 791537
Email: contact@mindmanagementforyou.com

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