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For this month’s newsletter I want to start by sharing one of my favourite quotes

‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’

The New Year can motivate people to make resolutions and to take action.

Whether you have made resolutions or not I encourage you to consciously decide how you want your life to be.

Every year I make new year resolutions and I stick to them. The satisfaction I feel when I have achieved them is fantastic. I make my goals realistic and achievable. I especially make sure it is something I want to do rather than something I feel I should be doing.

I encourage you not to should all over yourself, to do the things you want and enjoy making it happen!

My next Mind Management workshop will be on Saturday 20th Feb for those of you who are ready to make positive changes to your life. The workshop will ensure that your belief system is in line with what you want.

I’m delighted to say My Midlands Mental Health Theatre Show will start at the Palace Theatre in Redditch on Sat 6th Feb

Please email or call me if you would like any more information on either of these events

As always if I can help you or anyone you know who is stuck with anxiety, depression or stress with one to one counselling sessions via Skype or face to face then please free to give me call.

I wish you all continued success and happiness

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